Interact Via Email

Create Items directly via Email

Interact via Email

Yodiz brings you the prospect of creating User Stories, Issues and Epics all via email. Speed and Convenience on the go. Yodiz brings something new to the table: Creating Issues, Epics and User Stories directly from your inbox! Users can now create Work items all via email. This can be done without logging into the tool, which saves time and allows you to work independently. It’s quick, easy, and useful!

Anyone can report an issue, epic or user story from their inbox. They do not need to be licensed users of Yodiz. It also allows people who are not part of your project team to report. This allows for valuable customer feedback to reach your project team. And it saves money!

Interact via email also allows you to add attachments to the work items being reported.

Eliminate many of the steps in daily routine processes, to make the overall workflow of any team much faster.

Remove the need to log into application, create items directly from inbox. Work can be done from anywhere, at any time!

Improve the productivity & quality of your team, by receiving more bugs or User Stories from anywhere, anytime with less average time spent on creating it.
Look at it this way; To create a single bug you have to do all of these steps:

  • Login to Yodiz
  • Choose the appropriate project
  • Select create new bug option
  • Write title, then add a description
  • Add an attachment
  • Assign to the bug to user
  • Choose a sprint, release, and severity
With that many steps, the average time required to report a bug or issue is at least 5 minutes, whereas the same process can be completed with interact via email in roughly 10% of the time. Therefore, you are saving 90% of your time.


The Interact via Email feature allows you to work on the go, and to simply tasks that might otherwise take more time.

Create Items directly via Email

The Interact via Email feature gives you the ability to create Bugs, User Stories or Epics directly from your email inbox.

Actions performed by email

Several key actions can also be performed remotely through email.

Placing Comments through Email

The feature also allows you to place comments on any work item also directly from your email inbox.

Assigning team members tasks through Email

Yodiz allows you to assign specific team members tasks by associating them with work items via Email.

Saves your time & money

The customer doesn’t need to pay for an additional license and still be able to get useful feedback from the end customers.