Real Time Collaboration

Notification & Collaboration

Real Time Collaboration

For any team to be functional good inter team collaboration is a must. It can make or break a team. To address this need Yodiz has been designed to make collaboration intuitive and smooth. Whether it be communication within Yodiz, or communication through third party collaboration applications, Yodiz has you covered.

Activity Feeds

A detailed Activity Feed page is available which details all activity taking place by all users in Yodiz. The Activity Feed can be filtered in detail according to status type, ID, Title, Project, and Changes made.

My Work

Additionally, a My Work section focuses on notifications about activity directly related to you. The type of notifications that are received can be configured.

Notification by Email

Whenever you get a notification on the Activity Feed or My Work section, you have the option to also enable Email notifications. This allows you to work on the go and removes physical working limitations. Your reply emails to the notification will be considered as comments placed on the item within the app.

Slack Integration

Yodiz offers seamless Slack integration for collaboration purposes. This makes your in-office communication smoother than ever before. You can receive Yodiz activity feeds in Slack for seamless collaboration over changes.

Name Tags in Comments

Yodiz gives you the ability to place name tags in comments, which will notify the person who is tagged directly.