Free for Non-Profit

Open Source Projects, Universities, NGOs or any other Non-Profit initiative

Frequently Asked Questions

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How to get this offer?

You should first sign-up normally at Yodiz. Send us email at with details about your Non-profit initiative and we will manually upgrade your account to any number of users you would need.

Are there any restrictions?

Absolutely none. You will get all the features, unlimited projects, mobile applications, integrations and above all, one of the best customer support to help you whenever you need.

Who can avail this offer?

All non-profit projects, teams or organization can benefit from this offer. For example, open source projects, university or schools and Non-profit organizations. If you are not sure, just drop us message.

Why to give free?

We love community and wants to help in any way possible. It's our pleasure if open source guys use Yodiz to manage their activities or university students learn about Agile through Yodiz. It's all about giving back to community.

Anything we need to do?

We don't expect any returns out of this initiative. It's all about community. However, if you like Yodiz, you can spread the word around.

How to stay in touch?

We love feedback and based on that, constantly upgrade Yodiz. You can follow us at Twitter, Facebook, Google and at Link

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