Features & Requirements

Global Accessibility and Cross-Project functionality

Features & Requirements

Epics/Features are a method of structuring your work. Epics are typically large in scope, an Epic can span over the course of several projects.An epic will typically contain many User Stories, and as the team continues to work on an Epic User Stories will continually be added or deleted from the Epic.

What does Yodiz bring to the table with regard to Epics?

Makes epic creation easy, quick linking to user stories, multiple project capability, high visibility to track progress, maintains Yodiz’s hallmark ease of use, leverages creating multiple user story dependencies and associations.

Epic/Feature Management

Yodiz Epics management gives you ease in managing and prioritizing your Epics. All associated User Stories are automatically changed to reflect the changes you make in Epics.

Global Accessibility and Cross-Project functionality

Work Items can be associated with epics with freedom of cross-project maneuverability, which makes Epics global and accessible from anywhere within Yodiz. In effect this means that Epics can even span over multiple Projects in Yodiz.

Ability to Export via a CSV document

Epics can be exported via CSV. This means that you can take your data to other applications that support CSV imports.

Keep track of your Epics

Epic board also highlights the completion progress of Epics. This helps you keep track of the progress of all Epics being worked upon by the team, in real-time.

User Story Associations

User Stories can be associated with an Epic. This will include those User Stories in the Epic.

Creating Dependencies

Other work items, or Sprints and Releases can be associated with an Epic to form dependencies between items, e.g. let's say Epic 'XYZ' cannot be completed until Sprint ‘ZXC’ has been completed.