Mega Planning Board

One board gives you control over everything.

Mega Planning board

Whenever we take up a project, perhaps the most crucial and attention requiring stage is the one that happens in the very start – The Planning Phase. The effectiveness of a well planned project is evident in every other stage of development, and good planning ensures maximum efficiency and ROI from the project.

The planning board gives you complete control over every User Story, Issue, Sprint, Release and Epic in any of your projects. This advanced feature brings everything to your fingertips, allowing you to make even the most minor change from a top down level.

Organize, manage, create and plan your Epics, Backlog, Sprints, Releases and Issues all at single place. It's simple, visual and most easy to use planning board for Agile organizations of any size.

Cross-project data movement

You are able to move data between different projects all from the single view of the planning board. This is as easy as dragging & dropping data from one panel to another.

Create new Items for any of the boards

You are able to create User Stories, Tasks, or Issues in any of the boards from the single view of the Planning board. This means you can go to a specific sprint in a specific project and create a work item for that sprint from here. You are also able to transfer items in between any of the boards from here.

Advanced Search capabilities

The Planning board comes equipped with advanced searching capabilities. Detailed search and filter criteria is available allowing you to make queries against anything and isolate and locate the data you need just with a few clicks.

Global level searches

Searches that are made are global in nature. This means they span across every project in Yodiz.

Sorting options

Any panel on the Planning board can be sorted against its columns e.g. you can sort according to ID, Title, Sequence, or Last updated.