Backlog Management

Priority levels for User Stories

Backlog Management

In Agile a product backlog lists all things your team will spend time on, including work that the customer will never notice. A backlog is a list of work that has been sorted according to Priority levels and is intended for the team so that the team knows what to deliver first. The backlog board in Yodiz has the following features:

The Backlog in Yodiz is Centralized repository to manage all project requirements and user stories with easy methods to rank stories and focus on most important items.

Priority levels for User Stories

Yodiz gives you the ability to assign and sort User Stories according to a Priority level. A rating system of 5 stars is used for items to depict low priority to high priority. The priority rating scale is as follows:

  • 5 - Business Critical
  • 4 - High Priority
  • 3 - Important
  • 2 - Low Priority
  • 1 - Nice to Have
  • 0 - No priority

Bulk Actions

The backlog board gives you the ability to make edits to multiple items in bulk. Multiple User Stories can be edited at once with just the press of a button. The types of bulk actions that can be performed are:

  • Move to another project: Multiple items can be selected and then moved to another project within Yodiz.
  • Bulk edit: Multiple items can be selected and then edits can be made to those items in bulk. For example, you can change the person responsible for multiple items in this way.
  • Bulk delete: Multiple items can be selected and then deleted with just the press of a button.

Powerful search feature

The backlog board comes with a powerful search feature, in which you can use different criteria (e.g. search by person responsible) to perform searches across the board for all user stories.

Customizable Search queries

In Yodiz searching is highly customizable by each individual user. You can dig deep into your data by using custom filters, as it is easy to design and apply your own filter criteria which you feel is appropriate.

Sort board according to status Cluster

You can choose to sort the board in order to see a specific cluster of items on the board, e.g. If you select Unscheduled only User Stories that come into the Unscheduled umbrella will be shown i.e. User Stories with in evaluation, or in progress will be shown.

Customizable Status names and Dependencies

Yodiz allows you to create custom status names which can be applied to different User Stories or Issues at a later time.

You can also create dependencies for items, which creates links between different items, e.g. One User Story cannot be completed until another dependent on it is completed.