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The Associated Press has been implementing Agile software delivery practices for several years. Agile has been widely adopted but the journey has been challenging at times as our development teams are located in different locations spanning across several continents and use a broad array of technologies.
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Yodiz ranked highly for its ability to provide a centralized environment to manage all of our work.

Success story of implementing and scaling agile in fast paced payment solution provider using Yodiz.

Checkout grew from a team of 5 people to 84+ team members, with offices in UK, Mauritius and Singapore. The reality is, today we are more precise then ever in our ability to deliver feature for our sales people, or clients. Simply because we are able to estimate better and calibrate properly, that’s been main benefit of agile for us..

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Team Elena

Building a highly efficient electric vehicle from scratch involves plenty of internal and external risks. Lets find out how "Team Elena" designed and built the electric car using agile methodologies and Yodiz.

The blend of features offered by Yodiz made it a perfect choice for team Elena.

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