Fully Customizable

Fully Customizable boards

Fully Customizable

A key aspect of every project management tool is its customizability. This refers to the extent to which the tool can be molded by the user. Yodiz was designed to offer the end user with maximum customizability. To this effect Yodiz includes the following features:

Custom Configurations for Boards

The Issue board, Scrum board, Kanban board, and Release board are all configurable. This means that you can change their layout according to your own needs.

Design your own flow.

This entails changing the columns and the order they appear in. In this manner you have complete control over the ‘swim lanes’ and therefore the flow of your work.

Customizable Sprint Boards

Customizable ScrumBan Boards

Issue Board with custom workflow

Release Board with dynamic panels

Add panels with custom mapped statuses.

You can choose the status of items which will be displayed in any given column. Whenever items are shifted into this column, their status will automatically be changed to the mapped status. Every column can have more than one status mapped to it.

Ability to create custom fields

Custom fields will allow you create different ranges of fields e.g. date picker, drop down, radio button, or multi check box.

Custom Status labelsSeverity labels

You can customize both Status Labels and Severity Labels. This means that the text for the labels can be changed to your liking. Additionally, the color associated with a certain status or a severity can also be changed. This highlights the items and makes them color coded to your liking.

Choose your notifications

Choose which, when and how you want to receive notifications from the system. This means you can limit notifications for certain types of actions and enable them for other types of actions. You can also choose to receive notifications through email or through the mobile app.