Multiple Dashboards

Dashboards can be designed

Multiple Dashboards

Reporting & tracking is key aspect for management, and with Yodiz you get a variety of options for this purpose.

The User Dashboard

The User Dashboard is a very sophisticated feature intended for power users.The User Dashboard allows each individual user of Yodiz to create their own personalized dashboard.

Design your own Dashboard

This dashboard can include graphs and metrics which have been handpicked by the user from a vast collection. In this way you can view and track the statistics that matter to you.

Shareable with other users

Dashboards can either be Personal (viewed by you exclusively) or Shared (viewed by other users of your choosing).

Select your own Widgets

Select graphs and metrics that matter to you. There is a huge library to choose from.

Export Graphs and Statistics in .png and .pdf formats

You are able to export your graphs in either .png or .pdf format, which allows you to make printable copies for physical reports.

The Company Pulse

The Company Pulse page allows you to keep up to date with all statistics pertaining to your current projects. It is updated in real time.


From the projects page you can know at a glance how many projects are currently active, and what their statistics are e.g. what are the total number of Active Issues currently?


The Issues page lets you view statistics pertaining to all current Open Issues and how many issues of which status are currently in the system.


The Sprints page lets you view statistics pertaining to every Active Sprint in every project at the moment. It also allows you to quickly view a Burndown chart of every ongoing sprint.


The Backlog page lets you view statistics pertaining to User Stories currently in the system. You can view the Total number of User Stories, and how many User Stories there are in each status. It also gives you a rundown of the top ten User Stories for each project.

The Time Sheet

The Time Sheet is an advanced tracking tool meant to track each team members work hours. This is known as Effort Logged and is logged by each team member individually. It is compared against the Effort Estimate that is decided at the start of a Sprint. The Time Sheet is a sheet that displays the Effort Logged values for each team member over a span of time (Weekly, Monthly, or Custom time span). The Time Sheet also allows for export via a CSV file.