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Agile management platform
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All-in-one Agile management platform Plan, manage and track multiple teams. Get work done, faster and release better products.

Product Backlog

Simplify your backlog management with an online, centralized repository that lets you quickly prioritize stories using drag-and-drop.

Epics- Features

Use epics to represent your business requirements and break down these larger features into smaller stories for releases and sprints.


Visualize, schedule and plan your current and future sprints. Prioritize sprint user stories and issues using drag-and-drop. Get detailed statistics.


Assign and prioritize functionality to be delivered within a release. Link sprints to release to track progress easily across multiple teams.

Issue Tracker

Visual issue board to manage issues across multiple projects, releases and sprints. Batch modifications, one click import and report issues via email.


Tack progress across multiple projects with dashboards that provide detailed statistics and graphs. User level reports, time sheets and more.

Real time collaboration

Keep everyone in the loop with real-time activity feed updates, notifications emails for comments, tags and all kinds of updates.

External Integrations

Integrate with your existing workflow. Connect with all kind of services like Zendesk, Uservoice, GitHub, Jenkins and more.

Manage teams with ease and build great products

Accelerate team performance with powerful boards
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Best Scrum tool

  • Organize backlog items
  • Set sprint goals and plan sprint contents
  • Organize user stories, tasks and issues with drag-and-drop
  • Define team specific 'Definition of Done'
  • Sprint analytics with burndown charts and more
  • Average velocity and trend graphs
  • Sprint resource manager with handling of holidays
  • Custom scrum wall tailored to your needs.

Get scrum Benefits with Kanaban

  • Swimlanes for userstories and issues
  • Customize board layout and columns
  • Create dynamic status
  • Reorder user stories and issues
  • Easily track progress with real time updates
  • With planning board, organize kanban wall as you need
  • Define WIP (work in progress) for each column
  • Engage team with real time collaboration

Visual and simple Issue Tracker

  • Track issues across sprints, releases and projects
  • Report new issues via email
  • Quick and simple workflow for issue tracking
  • Define tags to identify issues easily
  • Advanced filters and sorting options
  • Kanban style visual board for issue tracking
  • Define custom fields of 7 types including drop down and lists
  • Import your existing easily with single click API based utility

Simplest way to engage

Yodiz Grab browser extensions are available for all popular browsers. Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

Capture screen shot

With browser extensions, capture screenshot of any web page, details about browser version and OS. Extensions support capturing full page, visible area or just a selected portion. Use short keys for faster interactions.


Easily identify, mark and write your comments on specific areas of captured screenshot. Use text, line, circle and other stencils to annotate captured screenshot. Save annotated images locally to your machine or report to Yodiz.

Report to Yodiz

Create issue or user story at Yodiz, with all the details and attached annotated screenshot with it. Great and easy way for your QA team to report issues during testing.

Guest Access

There is going to be feature to allow guests to report issues directly to your designated project from any web page. Great way to collaborate with your customers.

Mobile Apps for iOS, Android

Yodiz mobile apps enable teams to stay connected all the time. With real time push updates, simple interface and ability to report, update and manage your Backlog, Sprint, Release and Epics.

  • Prioritize Backlog
  • Create and Edit Items
  • Filter & Search
  • Manage all projects
  • Update progress
  • Follow progress with Sprint Board
  • Manage tickets with Issue Board
  • Track with Release Board
  • Requirements with Epics Board
  • Organize with Planning Board

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