This graph shows you the total number of Story Points in the most recent 3 Sprints. User Story status is not considered here while calculating the sum of Story Points. This graph can help you deduce recent commitment of your team with regard to total Story Points in a Sprint.

Note: This graph is only applicable for your Sprint only if your Project estimation settings are Story points. The Hours estimation method is not supported for this graph.

How to Interpret this graph

  • The X-axis of the graph shows you Sprints.
  • The Y-axis of the graph shows you the total number of Story Points.
  • Each individual bar on the graph represents a Sprint, whereas its y-coordinate represents the total number of story points in that sprint.

Actions Required From You

To get full benefit of Agile, a team must estimate User Stories before starting a Sprint. Make sure that all User Stories of your Sprint have an estimated story point. Only then, you can see story points in this graph as well.

Important Note

If your project estimation setting is “T-Shirt Point” scale. To calculate story points for this graph, the conversion rate is mapped to Linear values as XS=0, S=1, M=2, L=4, XL=8, XXL=16. This conversion is only applicable for this graph and there will not be any impact on your User Stories. Sprint board will still show User Stories in its original T-Shirt Point scale.