How can I customize Timezone value for graphs?

Your Project Timezone is reflected on Graphs as well. End of a workday is calculated according to your [...]

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What is Project Time Zone?

You can define your project specific Time Zone at the creation of your project. Each workday start and [...]

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How can I delete a work item?

Click on the Item Id and select provided delete icon in item details. An additional confirmation dialog prompts [...]

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Can I measure each team member velocity individually?

Team Sprint velocity is User Story level estimate that a team makes before starting a Sprint. Hence, it [...]

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Can I exclude one Sprint from listed Sprints to calculate Sprint velocity?

In Sprint Velocity graph, You cannot exclude one particular sprint though. However, you can exclude active sprint/s by [...]

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Can I include Active Sprint in Sprint Velocity graph?

Yes, you can include current active sprint in Sprint Velocity graph. Mark “Add Active Sprint” option in Sprint [...]

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Adding new members in a team will increase team velocity?

Adding new members in the middle of the project does not increase team velocity instantly. Each new member [...]

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Is Sprint Velocity can be used as KPI (Key Performance Indicator)?

Sprint Velocity reflects the number of completed User Stories in a Sprint and helps to determine team capacity [...]

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Why there are fewer items on graph than on my backlog/sprint/release board?

Graphs collect item data based on criteria what you mention in graph attributes. Beware of Start Date and [...]

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Why number of items differ in CFD is than total number of items in Backlog?

CFD gathers backlog items according to set date mentioned in Start and End Date. Start Date will capture [...]

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How to create a new dashboard if I already have an existing dashboard?

You can always create a new dashboard. It’s just that the “Create New” dashboard option is replaced by [...]

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How to use the Issues in User Story by each Sprint graph

This graph gives you an overview of total Issues per User Story in a Sprint. It unveils severity [...]

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What is difference in Personal and Shared Dashboard

A Personal Dashboard is each user own dashboard. The user is free to add or remove widgets. Project [...]

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Why I see number 0 or many overriding numbers all over my graph

The numbers on the bars of graph reflect the number of items belonging to the specific status. The [...]

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How to create a new dashboard

To Create your first New Dashboard, follow the navigation below: Go to Analytics dropdown > My Dashboard > [...]

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How to edit, delete and export a graph?

A graph can be edited, deleted and exported by clicking on its respective options via Ellipses icon (top [...]

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How to generate a graph?

To generate a graph in your personal Dashboard: Go to Analytics dropdown > My Dashboard > Select dashboard [...]

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Issue Severity by Responsible

Use this graph to filter your project cumulative Issue count per user based on severity. It shows you [...]

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How to create Custom Graph

Custom Graph enables you to make a graph of your own choice by selecting specific criteria. You can [...]

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How to use the Release Progress graph?

Release progress graph helps you evaluate the progress of your Releases in one or multiple projects. By looking [...]

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