How can I take backup of my project data?

To take backup of your Project data, use Yodiz export feature. You can export data from backlog, sprint, [...]

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How do I use Workflow template CSV for a Yodiz project?

You can define your project workflow in a csv file and import your defined workflow. Yodiz provides CSV [...]

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How should I handle the process when a user story is too big or it was not finished in the sprint?

You can handle undone user stories in different ways. Decide what you want to do with undone items [...]

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How can I copy or clone a work item?

Yodiz copies everything in new work item except commit log, history, effort estimate, dependency, and timeline. To clone [...]

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How can I customize Timezone value for graphs?

Your Project Timezone is reflected on Graphs as well. End of a workday is calculated according to your [...]

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Customize Yodiz Board Layout

In this article we will discuss following things: Working with Item Workflow Add New Panel Hide unmapped Status [...]

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How to Customize Board Card

If you ask your team in general, what is the most tedious task, you want to avoid? Majority [...]

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What is Project Time Zone?

You can define your project specific Time Zone at the creation of your project. Each workday start and [...]

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How can I apply a different layout on my board?

To apply a different board layout on your board Open the board and select project Click on Right [...]

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Can I measure each team member velocity individually?

Sprint velocity is meant for the whole sprint team and does not measure individual user work. To look [...]

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How can I move sprint Items to another Sprint?

There are multiple options for a user to move sprint items to another sprint. Select Navigation Menu, Sprints [...]

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How can I Deactivate or activate a Sprint?

Deactivating a sprint will not make any changes in the association of sprint items. Sprint will be shown [...]

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How can I reopen a Sprint?

A Sprint is Closed for two possible reasons: 1. User changed status of Sprint to Closed manually If [...]

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How can I show or hide unscheduled items from Calendar?

Unscheduled Items panel in Calendar is shown at the left side. It can be collapsed by clicking on [...]

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How can I delete a work item?

Click on the Item Id and select provided delete icon in item details. An additional confirmation dialog prompts [...]

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How do I define a New Role?

Super Admin can define a new User Role in your organization. Once a new role is defined then [...]

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How can I log my effort on User Story?

Logging effort is only supported for tasks and issues. User Story can only show sum of this effort [...]

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Can I set my default project so whatever view I select, I see its contents first?

No, there is no default project option in Yodiz. But you can bookmark any project as favorite to [...]

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How can I get multiple events in the same Slack channel?

You can choose the desired events to push in the Slack channel when configuring Slack in Yodiz. In [...]

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Estimation method of project and its impacts

You can switch your estimation method even after creating a Project. Switching will map existing data estimation values [...]

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