How to Integrate BitBucket with Yodiz

Yodiz supports WebHook integration with BitBucket. It will enable you to:

  • * Track code commits by associating them with bugs or tasks. This will help you identifying which files are added, updated or deleted against a particular bug or task.
  • * Mark your task or bug resolved just by following a simple convention when writing your comments for commit.

Integration Steps

  • Login to Yodiz and click on SCM Integrations from "more" navigation menu
  • Select BitBucket from left
  • Go to your account at BitBucket account.
  • Select repository setting from top menu.
  • From left menu select Hooks.
  • Under hooks page select Post from drop down and press add button.
  • Copy unique URL and Paste under URL text field and press Save button.

  • You are done. If you face any issue, please Contact Support