To integrate Slack with Yodiz, follow these steps
  1. From top navigation menu click on “More”
  2. Click on “Slack Web Hook” link
  3. Click on “Add New” button
  4. Provide “Descriptive Label” for your integration
  5. Login to your Slack account
  6. From the Settings menu, select Apps & Custom Integration. Slack_Step_1
  7. Search for an incoming Webhook and then select it. Slack_Step_2
  8. Click on Configure under the Installations across your teams section. Slack_Step_3
  9. Choose a Channel to configure. Yoidz activities will be shown on this channel. Press the Save button to continue. Slack_Step_4
  10. Select the Webhookurl and use it in Yodiz. Slack_Step_5
  11. Select the events to push the updates from Yodiz projects to Slack channel.
  12. You can configure multiple different hooks to push to different channels at Slack.

Example view of Notifications from Yodiz at Slack Channel