You can now view Releases and Sprints on the Gantt Chart. Get a quick view of all your projects with this simple visual planner. Simply drag and drop the release bars to change the plan.

How to Use

  • Select Project from the top
  • Click on Release label to expand and view the Related Sprints
    • Linking between Sprints and Releases is based on the contents, e.g., if one or more User Stories from a Sprint are part of Release then the linking will be created automatically.
  • Double click on the release or sprint to view details
  • Click on the Associated Items tab heading to view all the contents
    • Currently only item ID, Title and Owner information is shown, we plan to add more information like Status soon.
  • Drag the Release or Sprint bars to change their dates
  • Sprints would be shown twice, once under the release if they are associated and you may see them separately under the “Sprints” as well. Idea here is, to show only Sprints or Releases and their associated Sprints.

Zoom Options

Set Zoom level by month, Quarter or yearly or select date range to view


Example Gantt Chat View