Yodiz has introduced a new feature to make your work more efficient and effective. Introducing the Yodiz To Do board!The To Do board is designed to keep you up to date about all work items that require your attention. It is an easy to use and convenient way which will result in your work being more efficient. You won’t miss a single thing! todo All items that require your attention will be listed on the To Do board. The two panels on the left (In progress and Completed) list items that have been prioritized and require attention. The two panels on the right (Open User Stories and Open Issues) list items which have not yet been prioritized. Some general pointers about the board.

How to use Priority stars

  • A empty_star on widget represents un-prioritized items whereas a fill_star represents an item with priority.
  • Items with empty_star are sorted by update date whereas items with fill_star are sorted by To Do priority.
  • To add an item to priority list click on the empty_star from one of the two columns on the right. The items will now show up in one of the columns on the left.
  • To remove priority from an item click on the fill_star on any item from the left columns.

When there is a Status change for an item

  • If the Status of any item is changed the item will be moved to the prioritized columns on the left. If the status is Completed, Accepted or Closed (Issue) or Done(Task) it will be moved to the Completed priority column. Otherwise it will be moved to the In Progress priority column.
  • If the Status of any item is not new and it is in un-prioritized column then any update (title, description, tags or estimated changes etc.) on item will add it to prioritized column.
  • Prioritized Task and Issues of user story are explicitly sorted in Priority columns but un-prioritized children are shown under user story.
  • If any Child Issue or Task of user story is added/removed from To Do priority it will also effect on To Do priority add/removal of user story.
  • Similarly if User story is updated in priority list then all its children will also have effect if their status is changed
Other features of the To do board include the filter, Multi project selection and History option for searching. todo_filter