Product Backlog is the place to manage all user stories.

Some tips

  • Type new position number and press enter on user story left most small text box to move user story quickly. 123
  • Click on title to quickly edit it.
  • To update responsible simply click on the drop-down in Backlog. RESPONSIBLEBACKLOG
  • Click on the options icon on each user story to:
    • Edit
    • View Details – Full page user story details view
    • Follow – to receive all the update notifications.
    • Move to Top
    • Move to Bottom
    • Delete
  • User quick search box to filter quickly.
  • For advanced search use Filters button. FILTERS
  • To add user story with full details, click on the ”
    Add User Story
    ” button, and select
    User Story – Add with Details.
  • For quickly adding user story with only title and estimate, start typing in user story text box shown at top of Product Backlog
  • You can add custom fields as a column on the backlog list view. The custom field can then be used to sort the User Stories.