1. What is Time Sheet

Time Sheet is an advanced tracking view meant to track each team member’s work hours. Time Sheet is a sheet that displays the Effort Logged values for each team member over a span of time (Weekly, Monthly, or Custom time span). The Time Sheet also allows for export in CSV format.

2. How to Access Time Sheet?

In order to access Time Sheet in Yodiz. Follow the navigation below.

After logging in to Yodiz, go to Grid Icon > Time Sheet


You will be landed to following page.


3. Functionalities of Time Sheet

Time Sheet includes following functionalities:

1. Select desired criteria

In order to Log Effort on desired Items, firstly filter your results by selecting the desired criteria. Follow the highlighted area in the screenshot below:

time-sheet-functionalities Projects: Select desired Projects, you can select multiple projects. Project Users: Select desired Users, you can select multiple Users. Sprints: Select desired Sprints, you can select multiple Sprints. Releases: Select desired Releases, you can select multiple Releases. Tags: Select desired Tags. Tags filter have two criterias.
  • AND: It shows results containing all the selected Tags.
  • OR: It shows results containing either of the selected Tags.
Click on Update in order to apply the selected criteria.

2. Log Effort

In order to Log Effort, click on the highlighted Log Effort button.


A popup will open asking you to fill details. Follow the screenshot below:

log-effort-popup Task or Issue: Search the desired Tasks or Issues. Log date: Select the desired date and time. Time Spent: Enter the time spent. Additional Details: Any additional details can be added in here. Click on the Log Effort button in order to log the effort.
Note: Effort logged entries appear in the respective User’s data.

3. Edit Logged Effort

You can edit logged effort as well. Click on the desired logged effort entry from Timesheet.


You will be shown details of clicked entry. Click on the highlighted edit icon in the following screenshot in order to edit the logged effort.


4. Export Data

You can also Export data in different formats. In order to do so, click on the highlighted Export button in the following screenshot.


Select the export format from the dropdown before clicking on the Export button.