1. What is Time Sheet

Time Sheet is an advanced tracking feature meant to track your effort. it also enables you to edit time spent summary per project. It provides detailed reports for each team member’s work hours. Time Sheet displays the summary of “Effort Logged” values for each team member over a span of time (Weekly, Monthly, or any custom time span).

Teams can use it for accounting, billing customer, or understanding of how much time it takes to develop a certain type of feature or work item. Agile teams get the full benefit of this feature when each member makes a common practice to log effort for each Item consistently. Time Sheet also allows you to export data in many formats including CSV.

2. How to Access Time Sheet?

In order to access Time Sheet in Yodiz. Follow the navigation below.

Go to Analytics > Time Sheet


You will be landed on the following page.


3. Working with Time Sheet

There are built-in filters in Timesheet, that help you find precise information. You can record start and end time of Items on each working board or just add the duration in TimeSheet. Effort log can contain details of time spent on individual Items (User Story, Task or Issue). Follow the steps to benefit from Time Sheet functionalities:

3.1. Select Search Criteria

As a team manager, you can extract timesheet for a particular project or even for a sprint or release. In order to view desired Effort Log, select your criteria. You are given multiple options to select from.

Follow the Visible area in the screenshot below:


Note: Tags filter have two operators to set criteria.

  • AND: It shows results, containing each and every selected Tags.
  • OR: It shows results containing either one of the selected Tags.

Click on Update, in order to apply the selected criteria.

You can set timeline date range and change the view by selecting drop-down options from Monthly/Weekly/Custom. If timeline date range does not fit all days on screen, move scrollbar underneath the timeline to see hidden dates.

3.2. Log Your Effort

As a User, you can use this sheet to log effort of all tasks, at the end of the day. Effort is entered in HH:MM format.
In order to Log Effort, click on the highlighted Log Effort button.


A popup will open, giving you the option to search work Item and fill details. Follow the screenshot below:


Fill in details and click on the Log Effort button in order to save the effort.

3.3. Edit Effort Log

You can edit your logged effort as well. Locate date, you want to edit and click on the logged effort entry on Timeline.


You will be shown details of effort entry. Click on the highlighted edit icon in the following screenshot in order to edit the logged effort.


3.4. Export Effort Data

To save time and avoid members to log their effort in multiple systems. You can also Export data in different formats.

In order to do so, click on the highlighted Export button in the following screenshot.

Note: Select the export format from the dropdown before clicking on the Export button.

4. Effort Reports

There are 2 effort reports which Time Sheet supports.

4.1. Effort Per User

To look at individual user effort log in terms of hours per day. You can simply use Time Sheet to fetch user data and export it in any supported format.

4.2. User Effort Per Project

If a User is working on more than one project simultaneously and you want to know effort log per Project then click on All Reports button provided on TimeSheet top left corner.


If you want to know more peculiar data on effort spent. Use Built-in filters on top bar, that show detailed breakdown of time.