Sprint Backlog is the list of user stories that are planned for a particular sprint. Each user story is shown with a widget on left most column on ScrumBoard. There are number of actions available for users and here are details of them. wut
  1. Reorder User Story:
    Enter new  position in this box and user story will be reordered in Sprint Backlog. This helps team to keep highest priority user stories at the top.
  2. Change Respon
    Click on the picture and select new responsible person for this user story. System will automatically send an email to the new responsible that a user story has been assigned.
  3. Status update:
    To manually change status of user story use this drop down box. Please note that, if you change status of user story to Completed, then all it’s tasks will automatically be marked as “DONE”.
  4. View Tasks Efforts:
    This shows sum of efforts for all tasks. Depending on the status of user story, the most relevant effort indicator is shown at top, for example, if user story is “In Progress” then it will show “Effort Left” and if user story status is “Completed” then it will show “Effort Spent”.
  5. +Add Task
    : This link at the bottom of user story widget will create a new task for this user story.
    +Add Issue
    : This link at the bottom will create a new issue for this user story.
  6. Context menu for other Options:
    This menu allows you to access further options for the user story.
    To add new comments or view existing. You can tag any user in the comments field by using this notation “@username” where user name is the name of the user. When you tag some other user in comment, a notification will be sent to the user in email.
  8. Launch Details Pop-up:
    To edit details, titles or other properties of User story.