Infront of each user story there are 3 columns, “New”, “In Progress” and “Done”. These three columns hold the tasks for user stories in Sprint Backlog. To change status of a task, simply drag it from one column and drop it to another. Further features are explained below. Yodiz Scrum Board Task widget explained
  1. Change Responsible:
    Click on the picture and select new responsible person for this user story. System will automatically send an email to the new responsible that a user story has been assigned.
  2. Update Effort Estimate:
    Existing value of Effort Estimate for this task is listed here to update, simply click on the drop and choose new value.
  3. Effort Left:
    This is value of Effort Left, which is calculated automatically by subtracting Effort Spent from Effort Estimate.
  4. Effort Spent
    : This is read only value of Effort Spent.
  5. Log Effort Spent:
    To  log effort spent, user has two options, either you can start task timer or manually select the hours spent and log it. Please note that Timer will stop automatically after running maximum of 8 hours.
  6. Other Options:
    There are other options related to each task, for example view Details – a full screen task view.
    To add new comments or view existing. You can tag any user in the comments field by using this notation “@username” where user name is the name of the user. When you tag some other user in comment, a notification will be sent to the user in email.
  8. Launch Details Pop-up:
    To edit details, titles or other properties of Task.