Scrum Board provides greater visibility of User Story dependent Tasks and Issues whereas KanBan Board mainly focuses on User Stories and Independent Issues. KanBan Board has less visibility of User Story dependent Tasks and Issues.

Scrum Board

In Scrum Board, each item progress is more visible. If you want to track each and every item and issue of User Story separately then , use Scrum Board. It shows sprint items in two categories.


1. User Story (including Tasks and Issues)

Each User Story associated tasks and issues are shown under it. You can track each Task and Issue progress separately on the Scrum Board.

2. Independant Issues

All independent issues, which are not associated to User Stories are shown at the bottom of Scrum Board. These issues are separated by Swimlanes.

ScrumBan/KanBan Board

ScrumBan Board is a mix of Scrum and KanBan. User Story is the key Item for tracking progress of a Sprint in this board. KanBan mainly shows User Stories and Independent Issues.If you want to move User Stories across board panels, Use Kanban Board.


1. User Story

User story associated Tasks and Issues are not fully visible on the board. You can view Items associated with User Stories by clicking on right bottom of the User Story card on Board.

2. Independent Issues

All independent issues associated to the selected Sprint are shown on this board. By default, there are no Swimlanes on the board. You can add Swimlanes on the KanBan Board.
Note: Scrum and KanBan Boards can be customized by using Board Layout Editor.