Yodiz provides options for admins to set the correct rights and roles for each users.

Default Roles

When you sign-up new organization at Yodiz and invite users, you will have following default set of roles.
  • User 
    • Not able to access Project settings
    • Not able to access Administration and Payment Settings
    • Able to perform all other operations to create, edit, delete items like user stories, issues, epics, tasks, sprints and releases.
  • Admin
    • Not able to access Administration area
    • Able to access Project Settings
  • Super Admin
    • Not able to access payment settings
    • Able to perform all other actions including access to administration and project settings
  • Owner
    • Person who sign up at Yodiz, will have Owner rights
    • Owner has all the rights including Payment Management
  • Payment Responsible
    • There is explicit right “Payment Responsible” and it can be granted by “Owner” or “Super Admin” to any users to allow them to manage payments
To perform all the following actions you need to have at least “Super Admin” rights.

Create, Edit and Delete Roles

Follow these steps to create new role.
  • Click on “Administration” from settings area at top right corner
  • Under Panel “Users”, click on option “Manage Roles & Permissions” yodiz-select-roles-permissions-admin-settings
  • To create new Role, click on “Add New Role” button
  • On New Role screen fill
    • Name of the role
    • Description
    • Click if you wan it to be default role
      • Default role is used in situation when some other role is deleted then system will automatically assign the users with this role.
    • Ability to access Project Level Settings
      • If you want to give users right to project settings under this role then click it. With project settings, they can
        • Invite users to the project
        • Invite new users
        • Change project estimation method for user stories (Points or Hours)
        • Rename project
        • Manage Components
  • Once you create role, it will be listed along with other existing roles yodiz-list-of-roles-and-create-new-role
  • To Edit role, click on the name of the role
  • To delete role, click on the button “Delete Role” on right side.

Setting Users roles

To set user roles, there are 2 options.

1. Set Roles from “All Users” View

  • Go to “All Users” from top navigation menu “Users”
  • Click on Manage Roles & Permissions for the user you want to change the permissions
  • There is second button “Global Permissions” and those are mostly related to navigation options
  • For example, you can completely hide “Epics” from users if need to. yodiz-roles-management-from-all-users-view

2. Set Roles from “All Projects” View

  • Go to projects navigation menu and select All Projects or My Projects
  • Navigate to the project row that you want to change and click on the Manage Users
  • You can now change the role of the users from the drop down for this project. yodiz-all-users-view-set-user-rights-in-project