1. How to access Project Roadmap

Project Roadmap can be accessed via following navigation.

Login to Yodiz, Go to Projects dropdown and select Project Roadmap.


You will be landed to Project Roadmap page.


2. Features of Project Roadmap

Project Roadmap is an enhanced feature in Yodiz which provides complete visibility of Project’s goals alongside timeline. It is a bigger picture of project’s activities and achievements.

Let’s discuss features of Project Roadmap.

Roadmap Range

You can select the date range and time period for Project Roadmap. Follow the screenshot below:


Choose desired criteria

You can add more columns for more customized view of Project Roadmap. Customization is also provided on Sprint & Release level, for instance you can view all Sprints and Releases in a project or you can just choose to view the ones which are active & upcoming. This selection criteria can be found in the settings Icon.


Increase visibility of focused area

You can choose to expand and shrink the visibility of desired area by zooming in and out.

Follow the highlighted icons in the screenshot below:


Add Sprints and Releases

You can add Sprints and Releases on the go from left column. Click on the highlighted icon in following screenshot:


A small popup will appear, fill in the details and click on Create.


Associate Sprints with Releases

There are two methods to associate Sprints with Releases.

  1. Via Right Nav Panel
  2. Via Project Roadmap page
Note: You can view the associated Items in the right navigation panel under Associations tab.
1. Via Right Navigation Panel

In order to associated Sprints with Releases, double click on the desired Release.


Right navigation panel will appear after clicking on Release from Project Roadmap. Click on Associate Sprints button in right navigation panel.


Select desired Sprints from list.

2. Via Project Roadmap page

Yodiz offers you extreme ease by giving you the option to directly associate Sprints with Releases. Drag one end of the colored Release row and join it with desired Sprint. You can associate multiple Sprints as well with this method.

Note: The default view of Roadmap does not show any associations of Releases with Sprints even if they exist, thus you need to click on desired Release arrow under Releases dropdown from left panel. Follow the Screenshot below:

Change Start/End Date of Sprint & Release

You can change the Start/End date of Sprints and Release by simply dragging the bars of these widgets.