• When you sign up for an account in Yodiz, we automatically create a “Default Project”, so that users can start creating content instantly.
  • We also create a default “Product Backlog” which is specific to the project.
  • Users can start creating Sprints, Releases and issues in Yodiz.
  • User stories, Tasks and Bugs are specific to each project.
  • Only project members can view the items inside a project.
  • There is strong isolation of content between projects. At the moment there is no possibility to move user stories across projects but soon it will be supported.
  • You can add existing members to any projects or invite new directly through “Administration” menu.
  • If you are Admin then you will have rights to view “Administration” view.
  • Use Scrum Board for sprint tracking and Release Board for releases.
  • Planning Board is quick way to plan your content, move user stories from backlog to sprints and releases.
Yodiz Organization Structure