You can now use “Mark up” to format comments in Yodiz. The markdown is supported at comments holder available at new “Modal” or “Pop-up” views. So when you are editing any items, you can use “Comments” tab and format your comments. Comments formatted with markdown will be shown every where. New comments holder have following new features.
  1. Mark down support
  2. Attachment of local files from your computer
  3. Attachment of files from cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive)
  4. Tagging users with selection from drop down.

Mark down format


To bold use **Bold characters** and it will be shown like
Bold characters


To italic use _italic characters_ and it will be shown like
italic characters


If you type it will be converted into hyperlink.

List items

Use    – space and then text like – Item 1 – Item 2 and it will be shown like
  • Item 1
  • Item 2

Code Block

To start the code block have 3 consecutive ´´´ characters to mark start of the code area and to end the code are use same 3 ´´´ characters. Code area will be highlighted Here is the example what to type in comments area. yodiz-mark-down-type yodiz-mark-down-code-example