Yodiz has 2 ways to view issues associated to Sprints or releases.

1. Filters at Issue Board

Issue board is global place for Project level issues. You can use filters under “Filters” button to search for any particular release or sprint. Remember associated sprint and releases are always shown on issue widget with prefix SP: and RL:. If these values are not visible, it means issue is not associate to any sprint or release.

2. Issues dedicated pages under Sprints & Releases

On Sprints and Releases page each have button at top “User Stories” “Issues”, if you select “Issues” option you will see filtered results of issues associated to this particular sprint or release.
Why do we have this dedicated view:
Simply to make life easier for tracking, reporting and managing bugs for any sprint or release. We don’t want users to go to Issue Board, select set of filters and then view issues for any selected sprint. These dedicated views comes very handy in tracking progress, specially for releases.

Planning Issues backlog

For quickly moving multiple issues to sprint or release, use Planning Board.