1. How to access Issue Severity by Responsible?

Issue Severity by Responsible can be accessed via following navigation.

Go to the top left corner Grid Icon from the app > User Dashboard


Add New Widget > Issue > scroll all the way to right to Issue Severity by Responsible (as shown below)

Note: If you do not have any Dashboard already, Add Dashboard first.

2. How to Generate Issue Severity by Responsible

Once you have clicked on the Plus (+) icon on Issue Severity by Responsible, fill the details in order to generate Issue Severity by Responsible.


Title: Provide desired Title of the selected widget.
Project: Select the project you want to make Issue Severity by Responsible for. (compulsory)
Sprints: Select the desired Sprint. You can select multiple Sprints.
Users: Select responsible Users. You can select multiple Responsibles. Only the Responsibles with any data will be shown in the chart.
Releases: Select the desired Release. You can select multiple Releases.
Start/End Date: Provide Start/End date for the Issue Severity by Responsible. Default Start Date is 2 months ago and End Date is current date.
Graph Size: Provide size of graph, whether you want it small or large.

Click on Save Widget.


3. How to Edit, Delete and Export Issue Severity by Responsible

Issue Severity by Responsible widget can be Edited, Deleted and Exported by clicking on their respective options via Ellipses icon (top right corner of the widget). You can also View Applied Filters from the ellipses icon menu.