Existing projects from FogBugz can be imported in Yodiz. The process is quite simple and makes it convenient for users to migrate their data to Yodiz easily.

How to Access FogBugz Import

Log in to Yodiz, from top right “Header Menu”

Click on the: Settings icon > Import External Project…


Left Navigation > Import Using API > FogBugz


You will be landed on the following page.

fogbugs-user-log-in URL: FogBugz URL “Yourdomain.Fogbugz.com”. FogBugz Username: Username is the email account that you registered on FogBugz. FogBugz Password: Your password for FogBugz. Click on FogBugz Login and follow the steps below.

Step 1: Select Project

In this step you will be shown a list of Projects in FogBugz. You can click on the “Start Import” button given with each project. Only one Project can be imported at a time. You can import another project once you are done importing the first one, you’ll just have to select from the list of Projects and click on “Start Import”. Note: There are 4 Item types in fogbugz.
  • Feature
  • Bug
  • Inquiry
  • Schedule Items

All the Items from fogbugz are imported as Bugs in Yodiz.


Step 2: Import Data

Once you have selected the Project you want to import in Yodiz. Click on “Import Data” button. You will be shown following screen.

Note: Workflow is imported as it is from fogbugz in to Yodiz.


Once all the data is imported. A notification Popup will appear informing how many items have been imported. Follow the Screenshot below.

Note: Original Case IDs from fogbugz are prepended in the Item Title in Yodiz.