Existing projects from OnTime Now (Axosoft) can be imported in Yodiz. The process is quite simple and makes it convenient for Users to migrate their data into Yodiz easily.

How to Access OnTime Now (Axosoft) Import

Log in to Yodiz. From top right “Header Menu” Click on the Settings icon > import External Project…


Left Navigation > Import Using API > OnTime Now.


You will be landed on the following page.

  • On Time now URL: URL for your OnTime Now account. It should follow this format: domain.axosoft.com
  • On Time now Username: Enter your OnTime Now username. (This is your email account on Axosoft).
  • On Time now Password: Enter the password associated with your username at OnTime Now.
  • Client ID: This can be found in Tools > System Options > Axosoft API settings > Manage API Keys > Add API Key. (In case you have already added API Key, just click on the edit icon and you will get the Client ID and Client Secret).
  • Client Secret: It can be found directly below the Client ID in On Time now (Axosoft).

Photo Credit: Axosoft

Note: Don’t forget to check Enable API option on the System Settings screen in Axosoft. The above screenshot is taken from Axosoft for user convenience.
After filling in the credentials, click on OnTime Now Login button.

Step 1: Select Project

In this step you will be shown a list of Projects in OnTime Now (Axosoft). You can click on the “Start Import” button given with each project. Only one project can be imported at a time. You can import another project once you are done importing the first one, you’ll just have to select from the list of Projects and click on “Start Import”.


Once you have clicked on any of the Project’s “Start Import” button. You will be shown the following screen showing a message “Retrieving project data, please wait”. It means that your data is being fetched from OnTime Now (Axosoft). Follow the screenshot below.


Step 2: Map Items

In this step, you can select how Steps (from Axosoft) will appear as Category in Yodiz. This is one of most vital steps as it classifies what Steps from OnTime Now (Axosoft) will appear as Category (Status) in Yodiz.

select-catgories-in-yodiz-for-axosoft-project-data The default Category for all Steps is Todo. You can choose the Category in Yodiz from dropdown next to “Step” column. For example “In Progress” Step from OnTime Now can be chosen to appear as status of Category: Todo, In Progress or Done.

Step 3: Import Project Data

You can’t choose the data you want to Import in Yodiz because all the User Stories and Tasks from Axosoft are imported into Yodiz.

Note: User Stories, Epics, Tasks and Bugs are imported as User Stories, the sub items however are imported as Tasks in Yodiz irrespective of their original Step type in Axosoft.

Review your data and click on Import Data in order to start importing data from On Time Now (Axosoft). You will be shown following screen.


Once all the data is imported. A notification Popup will appear notifying about the project Title and number of Items imported in Yodiz.

project-imported The list of Imported Projects are also shown in bottom table.

Important Notes

All Steps are imported as User Stories. Follow the Table below.
Axosoft Yodiz
Epic (Big Feature) User Story
User Story (Feature) User Story
Bug User Story
Task User Story
All the sub-items irrespective of their step type in Axosoft are imported as Tasks in Yodiz.
  • Workflow will be imported as it is, given that exact status categories are provided during mapping into Yodiz
  • Users will not be imported.
  • Description will not be Imported.
  • Comments and Due Dates will not be imported.
  • Releases will be Imported as Sprints.
  • Original IDs from OnTime Now (Axosoft) will be prepended in the Item Title in Yodiz e.g [OnTime:id 2]UserStory.