This article will explain you how to use Global To-Do efficiently.
  1. Projects:
    List of projects that you belong and you can select one or more projects
  2. Selected Projects:
    All your selected projects are listed here.
  3. Open Issues:
    From all the selected projects, issues that are assigned to the user and status is NEW will be shown here.
  4. In Progress work:
    Issues and Tasks that are in status “In Progress” will automatically be shown here. User has option to move items from Open Issues and Open Tasks to “In Progress” panel by clicking on small “move” icon. One of the important features in “In Progress” panel is ability to priortize items by “Drag n Drop”. It gives ability for users to move items that are of high priority and keep an ordered list for their daily work.
  5. Open Tasks:
    All the tasks and User stories from selected Sprint will be shown. To view data from multiple sprints, select “All Sprints”. Only active sprints are shown in this list.
  6. These arrows on Open Issues and Open Tasks will move items to In Progress Panel.
  7. Green buttons with labels “Start”, “Finish” and “Close” highlights the state of item. “Start” means the item status is “NEW” and if you press start button the label will change to “Finish” and status of item will be “In Progress”. When work is completed on Task or Issue, press “Finish” button and status will change to “Done/Resolved” with label “Closed”.
  8. There are 2 ways to add tasks, “+” button will open pop-up with full details. If you expand user story there is text box where you can enter title of sprint and press “Add Task” button. This gives quick ability for users to create multiple tasks under user story.