The Sprint Burndown widget tracks the product development effort remaining in a sprint. Use this graph to see the progress of your sprint team.


To Add Yodiz Agile Sprint Burndown Graph

  • Choose any dashboard were you want to add the burndown Graph
  • Click “add new widget” from top right
  • add-new-widget
  • Find the “Sprint Burndown Graph” from the list of widget in the bottom of the page.
  • Add the widget by clicking on the plus sign on it
  • The Yodiz Sprint Burndown widget will display on your dashboard.

Graph Filters & Fields

Fields Description 
Title Customisable title for the widget
Project Choose your project
Sprint Choose the sprint of which you want to see the Burndown Graph
Burndown types
Userstory Burndown This shows the total remaining effort of user stories in sprint
Issue & Task Burndown This shows the total “Issue & Task” effort remaining in sprint

Types of Burndown Graph

In Yodiz we are showing two different burndown graph

a) Userstory Burndown

This graphs is meant for product owners or other managers who are only interested in user story level of progress. Assuming the total effort estimate in terms of story points on hours is 100 in a given sprint, so as a product owner I am only interested in knowing how many user stories have been done or what is the amount of work still my sprint needed to be done in order to finish all the user stories.

b) Issue & Task Burndown

This graph is meant for scrum masters or team members who are interested in more granular info on sprint progress. Task and issue info are shown in following basis

  • Effort Spent
  • Effort Remaining
  • Effort Estimated

Interpreting this Report

Yodiz Burndown Graph represents the following:

  • X axis display the working days
  • Y axis to display remaining effort
    • Ideal effort as a guideline/projection in Blue
      • This line shows the amount of work should be completed daily in an “ideal” scenario.
    • Real progress of effort in Red
      • Shows the the sum of “Effort Remaining”.
      • Each point on the line is the sum of the work “TO BE COMPETED” on that date.

The blue line in the graph is drawn based up the effort estimated for items. As the effort estimated keeps changing, the blue line keeps changing over time. The red line is the graph is drawn based up the effort remaining. As effort is spent on work items, the available amount of effort can be gauged from the graph.

Where else can this graph be found

This graph can also be accessed from “sprint analytics”, to access the burndown Graph from sprint analytics click the icon in your “sprint board” page.


If there’s not enough data in the system, graph will not be visible.  All Yodiz graphs require at least one data point. Depending on the duration you select in the filters, at least one complete period of data must be available.