This graph shows you the progress of releases over a period of time. The graph tracks how much work is left to be done. Work that has to be completed is considered as points, therefore it shows you how many points need to be burned. release-burn-down-graph

How this graph can help you

A manager can easily discern how much work needs to be completed, and therefore can put in place measures to ensure that these points are burned within deadlines.

How to add Release Burn Down into your dashboard

  • Choose any dashboard where you want to add the Release Burn Down
  • Click “add new widget” from top right
  • add-new-widget
  • Find the “Release Burn Down” from the list of widgets in the bottom of the page.
  • Add the widget by clicking on the plus sign on it.

How to Interpret this graph

  • The Y-axis of the graph shows you Date.
  • The X-axis of the graph shows you Points.