This graph shows you the amount of story points in each sprint. recent-sprints-story-points

How this graph can help you

This graph can help you deduce which sprint had the highest or lowest amount of story points, which can give you insight into where the effort of the team was most invested. It can help in creating the structure of future sprints, so as to maximize efficiency.

How to add Recent Sprints (story points) into your dashboard

    • Choose any dashboard where you want to add the Recent Sprints (Story points)
    • Click “add new widget” from top right
  • Find the “Recent Sprints (Story Points)” from the list of widgets in the bottom of the page.
  • Add the widget by clicking on the plus sign on it.

How to Interpret this graph

  • The Y-axis of the graph shows you Sprints.
  • The X-axis of the graph shows you the amount of Story Points.
Each individual bar on the graph represents a sprint, whereas its x-coordinate represents the amount of story points in that sprint.