This graph gives you an overview of how many issues there are in each User Story within a Sprint, this graph also show the severity of those issues in user story. use-the-issues-in-user-story-by-each-sprint-graph

How this graph help you?

In Yodiz you can add user stories as well as issues in a sprint, as handling both issues & userstories is an import part of a sprint. You can add both as independent work items in a sprint, or you can add an issue to a userstory just like you add a task into a user story.
  • Assuming that your development team is working on a US
  • US has two tasks, once both of the tasks are done US will be completed 100%, but remember its not Done, as your test team hasn’t verified its functionality yet
  • Assuming person working on Userstory finished one task, inform the Test Team to start doing the testing of that feature
  • Testing started while he can start working on rest of the functionality to be completed.
  • Test Team start doing the testing and creating the issue for that US
This improves the communication between Test and SW Teams, and improves the SW QA.  Test team don’t have to wait for all the User Stories to be 100% implemented before starting the test activity
  • By adding issue to US you can track the quality of US on individual basis
  • In the this graph, you can see the total number of issue in each US and its severity.

How to add  “Issues in User Story by each sprint” in your dashboard

    • Choose any dashboard were you want to add the Issues in User Story by each sprint
    • Click “add new widget” from top right
  • Find the “Issues in User Story by each sprint” from the list of widgets in the bottom of the page.
  • Add the widget by clicking on the plus sign on it