This graph shows the issue trend of each individual statuses of issues on daily basis, issue count is calculated progressively. You can see the issue trend from any period of time in your project, the issue count of each of the statuses is shown progressively for each individual day. Individual User Stories that have issues with special tags, in a sprint have special tags assigned to them. As a common practice scrum teams add tags to the issues they are working on in a  sprint. issue-trend-report

How this graph can help you

This graph is very useful if you want to know the how many issues you have for a particular date or duration. This graph helps you to find out, how many issues you have which have status of New, In Progress, Done, during a period of Jan 1 -15 and how the count is progressing each day for each of the status of issues.

How to add Issue Trend Report into your dashboard

    • Choose any dashboard where you want to add the Issue Trend Report
    • Click “add new widget” from top right
  • Find the “Issue Trend Report” from the list of widgets in the bottom of the page.
  • Add the widget by clicking on the plus sign on it.

Available Filters and Fields

Field Description
Title Shows the Title of the Issue
Project Shows the selected Project
Issue Status The current status of the Issue
Start/End date Date range for which to display Issue trend

How to Interpret this graph

  • The Y-axis of the graph shows you the number of issues.
  • The X-axis of the graph shows you the time elapsed.
  • Each Issue is color coded by status. The legend for this is shown at the top of the graph e.g. Issues that have been closed are shown in blue.
  • The color coded issues are represented as lines across the graph.
  • You can shorten or expand the time frame for the graph by clicking and dragging the sliders at the bottom of the graph.