Swimlane allows easy screening of data by classifying it in different lanes. You can choose to view items by different categories (Responsible, Release, Severity etc)

In this article, we will discuss following things:

1. How to Access Swimlane

Swimlanes are accessible on the following boards:

  • Scrum/Sprint Board
  • Kanban Board
  • Release Board
  • Backlog Board

The highlighted icon in the following screenshot represents Swimlane and can be accessed via the same icon from all above listed boards.


2. Functionality of Swimlane

Swimlane basically groups data in different rows in order to enhance Items visibility on different boards.

Total count of items in each swimlane panel is shown at the top of each Swimlane.


Swimlane can be expanded or collapsed by clicking anywhere on the Swimlane bar.

When we drag & drop an item from one Swimlane to another then fields will be updated accordingly, depending on what category you’re dealing with.


Swimlane has following Important points.

  • Only “Dropdown” data type is available for Custom Fields (User Story, Issue & Tasks) in Swimlane. Also, only the data containing categories of Swimlanes will be visible.
  • “Default Swimlane” option is applied by default which means No swimlane option is selected.You have to make a selection in order to view Swimlane.
  • Sorting options and filters are Swimlane specific.
  • Once you select any Swimlane other than “Default”, it’s icon will turn blue.
  • Filters can be applied to Swimlanes but they are applied within a Swimlane.
  • Swimlanes are remembered for each board by using cookies.