Yodiz supports “Moscow Priority” system for issues. Moscow Priority list is defined as
  • Must Fix
  • Should Fix
  • Could Fix
Currently “Would Fix” option is missing from the list but we are going to add it bit later.  


All existing projects have field “High Priority”, it’s kind of boolean value for issues. To switch to “Moscow Priority” for existing projects follow these steps
  • Go to Project Settings aa
  • For the project in which you want to apply priority, click settings.
  • You will see option “Use MoSCoW priority for Issues”, click to select the check box.
  • Press the Save button.
That’s it, you are now able to use this new priority field in your existing projects.  

How to set priority values

Open issue in Edit Mode (by clicking on ID or double click issue widget at issue tracker board) You will see dropdown with label “Priority”, select appropriate priority value and Save.  



What are priority icons shown on Issue Board

To visually make it easier to identify the issues with priority values, following icons are used
  • Must Fix             yodiz-priority-must-fix
  • Should Fix          yodiz-priority-should-fix
  • Could Fix            yodiz-priority-could-fix

Sorting Issue Tracker by Priority

To view issue board based on priority use the “sorting” drop down at top of Issue Board as shown here