In this article, we will discuss following things:

1. What is Calendar?

Calendar is a newly added feature which helps in easy scheduling of Items. You can apply Due Date on Items by dragging them from Unscheduled column into Calendar on the go. You can visualize Items in weekly mode. You can also filter data on Calendar.

2. How to Access Calendar

Calendar is available on Sprint, Kanban, Issue tracker and Release board. We are demonstrating example of Sprint Board in this article.

Login to Yodiz, go to Sprints and click on the following highlighted icon.


Once the Calendar view is opened, the Calendar icon will turn blue.

Note: Calendar provides weekly view of Items.

3. Functionality of Calendar

Calendar offers a lot of functionalities.

Add Items from Backlog

Calendar offers to add Items from Backlog on the go via right navigation panel. Open the right navigation panel and go to Backlog Tab. Follow the screenshot below:


Click on the highlighted + Add button at the right end of each Item in order to add Items to Unscheduled Column.

Unscheduled Column only contains Items of To Do and In Progress category and it can be expanded or collapsed.

Note: Items can be added from Backlog on Release, Sprint and Kanban Board.

Schedule Items

One of the main functionality of Calendar is to easily schedule items by dragging them from Unscheduled column into Calendar.

Note: Items can also be dragged across the Calendar.

Due Dates will be applied to the dropped Items according to the respective date column. If the Item Due Date has been passed the color of the date will become Red but if the Due Date is yet to come the color of date will turn Green automatically.

Overdue Items

Overdue Items have a label in red color which reflects the duration of “Item Overdue”.


Highlight Weekends

Weekends are highlighted in calendar according to the set weekends. You can set any days as weekend in project level settings.