Here are steps to delete users permanently from your organization at Yodiz.
: When you delete a user from Yodiz, it only removes the user information. All the user stories, tasks, issues, epics etc. owned or created by this user will remain in Yodiz and will not be deleted.

Steps to Delete User

  1. Go to Administration from settings icon at top right corner admin
  2. Under the Users section, select
    Manage Users. manage users
  3. All Users in the current company are listed here.
  4. To delete a user, press the context button to the right of their name, and select Delete. del user
  5. Confirm the Delete action and that’s it.

Special Cases

  • I don’t see “Administration” option under my settings icon?

    • Only “Super Admin” has access to this option. Ask your organization “Super Admin” or “Owner” to grant you these rights. Check out the article User Roles description.
  • Delete option is not visible for some users?

    • If the user is “Super Admin” and “Owner” then you can’t delete the user. In user directory deselect “Super User” checkbox to revoke those rights.