The person who signs-up at Yodiz becomes the “Payment Responsible” and “Super Admin” by default. If you are Payment Responsible or Super Admin, then it’s not possible to delete yourself. If for some reason the “original owner” needs to leave the company, follow these steps in order to remove users. Please note, following steps can only be performed by “Super Admin”. Check here more details about roles at Yodiz.

Change “Payment Responsible”

  • Click the Settings icon next to the profile icon on the top right of the screen.
  • Press “Payment Management”
  • From the tabs on the left, select “Payment Responsibles”
  • From here you can assign a Primary and Secondary Payment responsible.
  • Remember, “Payment Responsible” has rights to make payments and manage subscription plans.

Move “Super Admin” rights

  • Press the settings icon on the top right, and select “Administration”.
  • From the top menu select Users, then select All Users.
  • Select new person who should have Super Admin rights and click on the Super Admin checkbox under that user name.
  • Now you need to remove Super Admin rights from older Admin, so just “Deselect” Super Admin checkbox from the old Admin.
Once above 2 steps are completed, user can be removed easily by other “Super Admin”. To delete user press the … icon and click on “delete” link.