GitLab integration enables Gitlab user to push: issue and task related commits in Yodiz. After this Integration you can,
  • Commit messages in Gitlab for Yodiz tasks and issues
  • Update Status of Yodiz items directly from GitLab
  • View these logged messages under Yodiz Item > Item details > Commit Log section

Configure Gitlab Integration

Please follow these steps to configure GitLab web hooks.
    • Go to leftmost Navigation Menu, > Integrations > Apps & Integrations
    • Select Gitlab and Copy the unique URL provided at GitLab integration page in Yodiz
    • Sign in to GitLab and select the project, for which you want to enable webhook.
    • Go to Settings icon provided at the top right corner and select Integrations.
    • Paste here the Yodiz URL that you copied from Yodiz integration pages
  • Click on “Add Webhook”
  • That’s it. You are done.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

  • How to map Yodiz username in Commit Log?
    If you want to show your Yodiz user name, instead of Gitlab username in Yodiz Item Commit log. Change your user profile settings in Yodiz:
    • Go to rightmost corner of Navigation Menu, Profile icon > Profile Settings
    • Select Version Control account id tab
    • Map your gitlab user name in Add Gitlab Id field
    • After successful mapping, make an item commit in Gitlab
    • Successful commit will show your Yodiz username in related item´s Commitlog
  • Where can i see commits information in Yodiz?
    After successful commit, you can see commit information by:
    • Open particular Task Details
    • Click on Commit Log tab
    • Commit log mentions user, who made changes and Commit message
  • What is syntax of Tasks and Issues Commit?
    In your commit message, add following notations to link commits to Tasks and Issues at Yodiz.
    • For Tasks: use notation @T25 The commit message will be included in Task ID 25.
    • To mark task done, use notation @T25:R “R” indicates that this task is completed and Yodiz will update task status automatically
    • For Issues: use notation @B12 The commit message will be included in Issue ID 12.
    • To mark Issue as “resolved”, use notation @B12:R “R” indicates that this issue is resolved and Yodiz will update the issue status automatically
  • How can i directly commit in Yodiz, without using any repository?
    You can send commit log to Yodiz directly using Post commit web hook.