Only Project Admins and Super Admins have rights to create projects. To learn more about user rights:

Check This Article.

Here are steps to create project

  • From the top settings menu (cog icon) select Add New Project. adduser1

New Project Form

Next you will see “New Project” form with following details.

  • Project Title: This is project title make it clear enough for your project users and teams to understand purpose better.
  • Project Key: This is to identify project uniquely. On certain views like To-Do and Reports, where data is shown from multiple projects this key helps users to identify the contents and their relative projects. This is also used in “Interact via email” case.
  • Details: It’s free text field to write details like purpose etc. for the project.
  • Owner: Person who is creating project by default is the owner.

Estimation Settings


The next screen will show you a form for Estimation settings. These settings will govern the estimation methods within this project.

  • Estimation Method: This field is for User Story estimation method. Yodiz supports both Points and Hours.
  • Point Scale: There are different kind of points scale that can be chosen.
  • Work days: These work days are used for calculations in Sprint Burn down chart and Resources weekly hours.

Priority Settings


The next screen will allow you to make various settings for how Priority is used in the project.

  • Moscow Priority: For Issues, you can use Moscow Priorities like “Must Fix”, “Should Fix”. If left unchecked, there will be single field “High Priority” true or false will be used.
  • Status Reason: Enforce users to provide comments when changing status to Resolved, Ignored, etc.