To create an issue on

issue tracker
follow these steps.

  1. Log in to Yodiz.
  2. Click the
    Issue Tracker
    on the top menu bar. The issue tracker board opens up.
  3. Click the
    Add Issue 
  4. add issue
  5. You are given two options:
    Quick Add
    Add with Details.

Use the

Quick Add
option to open the Inline editor and create an issue without leaving the current screen. Use the
Add with Details
option to add an issue by entering the modal view and adding all relevant details.

Quick Add view:

quick add

After you have added relevant details such as Issue title, tags, person responsible, priority and attachment(s), press

Save & Add Details
to add the Issue.

Add with details view:


The Modal view allows you to edit every detail of the Issue, add it’s details, steps to reproduce, and attachments. You can also select other details such as Due Date and Components and Followers which are not possible in the Inline view. After you are done press

to add the Issue.