From the top right settings icon, select Administration. yodiz_Status_Set_administration From the top menu, select Configurations and then select Status Set. Yodiz_Configurations_Status_Set On the resulting screen, press the Create Status Set button. Yodiz_Configurations_Create_Status_Set
There are two main ways of creating a Status Set:

1) Import an Existing Status Set

1.1) Import Status Set from Existing Project

This can be done by selecting an existing scheme from the drop down and pressing the Import button. Yodiz_Import_from_existing_Status_Set After clicking “Import from Existing Project” select Scheme from dropdown and click import. See the screenshot below. Yodiz_Import_from_existing_Status_Set_Scheme

1.2) Import Status Set using CSV file

Yodiz offers creating a Status Set using CSV file. In order to import the CSV file, click on “Import from CSV file” option. Yodiz_Configurations_Import_from_CSV_file After clicking on Import from CSV file option, a popup will appear asking to Upload the CSV file. See the screenshot below. Yodiz_Configurations_Upload_the_CSV_file Once the CSV file is uploaded according to the Status Set template, enter the Title of Status Set and provide description. Click on Save & Close.

2) Create a Status Set from scratch by entering its details.

Yodiz_Create_Status_Set from_scratch_by_entering_its_details
  • 1. Enter a Title for the Scheme here.
  • 2. Enter a description for the Scheme here.
  • 3. The Add Status button is used to add a new status. You can add statuses for Issues, User Stories, Tasks, Releases, Sprints or Epics by pressing the button corresponding to the item. Once you press the button, you will be required to give a status label and choose the category in which to place the status. Press the Add button to add the status.
Yodiz_Add_Status Once you have added all statuses, press Save & Close.