Switching IssueTracker and Agile Package

In order to change packages, login to Yodiz, go to Setting Icon at the top right corner > Payment Management

Note: Only “Super Admins” who are selected as Payment Responsible can access Payment Management page…(How to make an Admin “Payment Responsible”?)

Once landed, click on the “Change Plan” button.

access-change-plan Now you will have two options:
  1. Agile + Issue Tracker
  2. Issue Tracker
After choosing a package type of (Agile+issue tracker or Issue Tracker) select number of users by using the slider. Yodiz offers 4 payment plans in both packages.
  • Pay Monthly
  • Pay Quarterly
  • Pay Half Year
  • Pay Annually
(As shown below)

Agile + Issue Tracker Package Plan


Issue Tracker Package Plan

yodiz-issue-tracker-payment-plan After clicking on “Pay with Credit Card”, a “Subscription Update” popup will appear for the confirmation of package and will reflect changes in your package plan.

Following is the popup screenshot for reference.

Note: “Subscription Update” popup will appear only if you have already selected your payment settings.
If you want to proceed with this package, click on “Continue” and your package plan will be changed.
Note: If you already purchased a package and now switching your package then remember Yodiz will not refund your payment will adjust in your next billing date.

However, a different “Billing Information” pop-up will appear upon clicking “Pay with Credit Card” if no Payment method is already setup. (as shown below)

Note: You can change your payment method by clicking on the highlighted “Change Method” button in the above Screenshot.
In order to make payment, fill in the details.
    • Enter your Credit Card Number
    • Credit Card expiry date which is written on card.
    • Select your country from dropdown.
    • Confirm your entries and then click on “Proceed”.
Note: Payment Notifications will be sent on your provided email ID in form of an invoice.

A confirmation pop-up will appear in order to confirm your payment.

yodiz-payment-confirmation-pop-up Clicking on “Go back to Application” will redirect back to “Payment Management” page. For more information on how to setup/change payment method, refer to: Update Payment Settings