In order to change Estimate Settings for a project:

  1. Go to the Project level settings from the top right settings icon.

  2. On this screen, press the Estimate Settings tab.

  3. The screen shows your current Estimation method and Point Scale. To change these, press Change Estimation Method.
    Warning: Changing the Estimation method will result in the Estimation method changing in all previously created Burndown charts as well. Once the Estimation method has been changed, it will not be possible to revert to the old Burndown charts.
  4. Select your desired Estimation method (Points or Hours).
  5. In case of Points to Points conversion, you can change the Scale. Select the New scale from the drop down menu. Points-to-Points-conversion
  6. In case of Points to Hours conversion, select a Conversion Value. This is the multiple that will be used when converting from points to Hours. Conversion-Value