The global search box is a syntax free search box. search1 When you search for an item, it is not necessary to use the proper prefix for that item. No matter the syntax used, the search will jump to the item you searched for. E.g. If you want to find US-2, you can find it by typing something like US 2. The Global search feature is a company level search. This means that the effective search area covered by the global search spans over every project that the company is undertaking. The Global search feature can be accessed by pressing the magnifying glass icon on the top right of the screen. The global search screen shows you the main text field where you can enter your search query. This is the field that reads ‘Type the text to search’. search2 The ‘Items to search in’ drop down menu lets you select the type of item(s) which will be searched once the Search button is pressed. For example, if you select User Stories and Issues, the search will be made against all User Stories and Issues in all projects in Yodiz. If you press the down arrow key next to the Search button, you can choose between three options: Search in Text, In Comments, and In Attachments. Selecting one of these options will limit the search to either text, comments, or attachments. search2 The Show Filters button allows you to include or exclude specific projects to be filtered by the search. Once all filter criteria has been established, press the green Search button to perform the search.