Product backlog is the place to start converting ideas and requirements into “User Stories” so you can start implementing them. User Stories can be sorted according to a Priority rating which is represented by Stars. 1 Star means the least priority whereas 5 Stars means the most priority. The User Stories in the backlog are sorted accordingly to their priority rating. You can also apply actions to items in bulk on the backlog by pressing the Bulk Actions button. Some useful information in getting started with Product Backlog at Yodiz.
  • To quickly create user story, type the title, select estimation value and Save.
  • Multiple different estimation methods are supported at Yodiz, go to project settings to change.
  • Use Planning Board to plan sprints and releases.
  • When you add user story to sprint it will disappear from Product Backlog
  • Use following top level filters at Product backlog to track
    • Unscheduled- All the user stories that are not part of any sprint yet
    • In Development- User stories that are moved to some sprint
    • Accepted – User stories that has been accepted, meaning have status “Accepted”
How To Create a User Story (link) How To Prioritize User Stories (link) How to Add Tasks or Bugs to a User Story (link) How to search the board using Filters (link) How to do Bulk actions on the Backlog board (link) Some Tips & Tricks for using the Backlog board