Release board is visual board to manage and track release progress. Some key points about getting started with Release Board

1. Plan Release contents

There are 2 ways to plan release contents. You can either create directly user stories or issues into release use “Add New” buttons or use “Planning Board” available from “more” at top navigation. Planning board allows to drag n drop contents from Product backlog, sprints or other release. add new release

2. Track Progress

Release board is divided into 3 panels
  • Open
    : Shows the items with following status
    • User Stories
      : New, In Progress, Rejected, In Evaluation
    • Issues
      :     New, In Progress, Re-opened
  • Completed
    • User Stories
      : Done
    • Issues
      : Resolved, Ignored, Duplicated
  • Ready To Release
    • User Stories
      : Accepted
    • Issues
      : Closed
rel 2

3. Track Release Issues

Use the
Release Analytics
feature to view graphs and statistics helpful in tracking Releases. This feature can be found on the top right of the release board. rel analytics